Seandra R. Pope

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Seandra Pope is...

Thoughtfully Strategic. As an intentional listener and skilled strategist, Seandra works to paint a clearly-defined view of the issue at hand. Big picture thinking is in her DNA. She is a visionary who is able to create strategies that thoughtfully and effectively engage all parties.

Ambitiously Determined. Seandra dreams big and literally makes a way out of no way. “Where there is no playbook, I will write one. Where there is no relationship, I will cultivate one. Where there are no resources, I will find them. And, where there is no vision, I will create one.”

Creatively Impactful. Seandra is on a mission to change the world one engagement at a time. Through creative problem solving and critical thinking, she not only gets the job done but does so in a way that creates lasting change.

Naturally Magnetic. Seandra was raised in Georgia with an upbringing that was rooted in the importance of self-awareness and respect for others. This fostered her natural ability to motivate, inspire and engage people from different backgrounds around a common goal. Her ability to authentically share her knowledge and experiences creates an environment of inclusion that moves people to invest in themselves and the community around them.

As a pioneer in her field, Seandra is proud to have conceptualized, developed and delivered new projects, programs, and initiatives that meaningfully engage those who have traditionally not had a voice in the energy and climate movement.

Seandra is a member of the Board of Directors for The Sapelo Foundation, The Healthy Affordable Materials Project, and Atlanta Dogwood Festival.

Seandra lives in Georgia with her husband, two daughters and family dog.