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Welcome to Rooted Consulting, where the word of the day is always "strategy." It's who we are. It's what we do. It's why we exist. Strategic thinking comes naturally to us.

At Rooted, we are dedicated to offering you new ways of thinking about diversity, equity, inclusion and stakeholder engagement.

As your trusted advisor, our goal is to ensure your relationships with your partners are effective and productive.


Strategy Development

Let's face it. Stakeholder Engagement is pretty easy to say but not so easy to do.It's more than sending out surveys and scheduling round table discussions. A lot more actually. But when done correctly, stakeholder engagement becomes a movement—a thoughtfully planned-out commitment to care about what others think and how your decisions affect people’s lives.

The process of stakeholder engagement can be defined and carried out in many different ways. The key is to structure your engagement efforts in a way that uniquely reflects the DNA of your organization's values and overall mission.

Rooted can do just that.  Our Strategy Development sessions will help you to think through your strategy and apply new ways of thinking to your stakeholder engagement initiatives. We'll work with you to design a stakeholder engagement strategy that builds trust, resulting in a viable plan that will help you connect with others who want to work together to tackle an issue you want to see solved.

Strategy Implementation

We know that strategy implementation on a daily basis can be a big challenge. One of the things we're really good at is helping you bring your plan to life by providing expert assistance and support towards establishing high-functioning leadership and oversight of your initiative.

We'll provide ongoing coaching and mentorship support to project staff to advise on strategy, drive process, and follow up on action items and evaluate next steps. Our work together will help to integrate staff into local, regional, and national networks as necessary.

We'll literally help you strengthen and build the right team to support your strategy, assisting you with new candidate search and the on boarding process.Our goal is to ultimately set you up for long-term success.

Grantee Support

For funders, we can help you vet incoming grant requests to ensure sound stakeholder engagement strategy is in place, ensuring your award dollars have the greatest impact. We can also mentor grantees and help them design winning, sustainable stakeholder engagement strategy, if needed.


“Where there is no playbook, I will write one. Where there is no relationship, I will cultivate one. Where there are no resources, I will find them. And where there is no vision, I will create one.”


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Rooted specializes in developing sound strategies for your diversity, equity and inclusion and stakeholder engagement initiatives.