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Rooted Consulting,

where the word of the day is always "strategy." It's who we are. It's what we do. It's why we exist. Strategic thinking comes naturally to us.

At Rooted, we are dedicated to assisting you to develop well thought-out, comprehensive strategies to achieve long-lasting, transformational impact.


Where there is no playbook, I will write one. Where there is no relationship, I will cultivate one. Where there are no resources, I will find them. And where there is no vision, I will create one.
— Seandra Pope | Rooted President & CEO



Thought Partnership

Strategic planning can be defined and carried out in many different ways. The key is to create well thought out, comprehensive strategies that reflects a blend of your organization's unique DNA and a thorough scope of analysis of the problems and proposed solutions.

Rooted can do just that. In a Thought Partnership, we work together to analyze the context you are working in, define your unique value and role and conceptualize solutions that lead to long-lasting, transformational impact.

Stay Rooted!

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