Our Services


90 minute Discovery Session 

We meet with you over the phone to help you understand the problem you are trying to solve, identify innovative problem solving strategies, and uncover why you are engaging in this work.

We ask key questions and offer customized suggestions based on experience, best practices and expertise.

Extended (Half day) Discovery and Strategy Development Session - (1hr. phone prep, 3hr. in person; 4 hours total) *This planning session can be extended to a full day to accommodate an entire staff (5 or more) 

Before we ever meet in person our team will meet with you over the phone (90 -120 minutes) to  understand the problem you are trying to solve, talk about our structure and format and align on our design processes.

During the strategy session we will engage you and your leadership team in a 4 step process to:

   Help you get clear on your Why, not just what. Why are you engaging in this work?, Why are you doing these programs, this mix of issues, this approach, or working with these constituencies in these ways?

   Defining your unique value and role in the field - what unique or best role does your organization play relative to others in the community? how does your organization or the work you want to do fit within the larger context/frame?

   Identify your key stakeholders - list the right people you should focus on, develop a good understanding of their priorities, power, and influence and best ways to engage them to earn their support.

Clearly articulate your unique role in the work you are attempting to engage, why it is important, and the reasons you are the best person to do it.

The Process: 

1.     Situational Analysis and Assessment

       identify the major challenges

2.     Meet you where you are

        define your role

       increase your unique value

3.     Set up opportunities for you to shine

       give you greater visibility

       meaningful work



Half day Training Session - At the ROOT of It All: Essential Approaches to Authentic Engagement and Key Collaborations

 Are you frustrated with getting low returns on your investments in community involvement processes? Are you having a hard time understanding why stakeholders and potential allies who “should be concerned about your issue or initiative seem to be uninterested and are not consistently coming to the table?  These age-old challenges are experienced by novice and seasoned community involvement practitioners alike. The solutions are varied yet have common roots in authenticity; enactment of compelling value propositions; and shared, collective visioning for the future.

At this training, we invite you to tap into the applied wisdom of trusted authorities who will share their insights, methodologies, and practices for authentic community engagement. Participants will be guided through simulations and role plays that help them to sharpen the tools in their community engagement toolboxes. They will be actively involved in simulations and role plays to will help them experience, work through, and provide constructive criticism on common yet challenging scenarios that can hinder or otherwise present road blocks to effective and authentic community engagement. 

Through presentations, dialogue, and interactive participation with the audience, participants will be offered best practices and replicable case studies to deepen their understanding of meeting people where they are, improve skills for establishing trust and developing credibility among and with targeted stakeholders; and increase capacity for engagement and collaboration that can enact positive change,transform physical and social landscapes while leaving each partner stronger in the long run.

After this training participants will be able to:

     Identify practical strategies for establishing trust and developing credibility among and within targeted stakeholders;

     Design approaches that move beyond outreachand toward meaningful engagement in order to multiply impact; and

     Discuss/unpack the phrase meet people where they are" and implement strategies to do so in their community engagement work.


Create Action Based Networks and Key Collaborations  - Successful policy campaigns are anchored by successful advocacy networks. Whether youre transforming your members or employees into advocates or building a network from scratch, we have the tools and resources you need to be effective on the federal, state, or local level. Our advocacy network services can help you maximize your advocacy investments and build a lasting network of dedicated and passionate advocates.

     Relationship management 

 Recruit and Develop Grasstops and Issue Champions  - If youre thinking of enhancing your grassroots network through the development of a grasstops or key contact program ROOTED can help! We work with groups to identify existing grasstops advocates within an organization, develop new ones and assist in the process of developing and managing coalitions. develop leadership capacity for advocacy on designated issue provide technical expertise and messaging to establish leadership on the issue.

    develop champions. education.giving citizens the tools they need to speak out effectively on policy issues.

Produce letters to the editor, op-eds

    Grass tops recruitment for hearings, media and other events that support your issue.

    develop political capital with diverse constituents by organizing groups and developing leadership capacity



Elected officials, law and key decision makers pay attention to the people they represent. It is true that all politics are local. Our team helps our clients identify and organize  advocates, connect them with legislators and essential decision makers and build the relationships necessary to advance policy goals to achieve advocacy success.

Advocacy Day Coordination  -  Our team can coordinate all activities and scheduling logistics for your Advocacy Day event, including:

    Assist in pre-event planning, including and recruiting advocates

    Prepare advocates through webinars and other online approaches

    Draft meeting correspondence

    Schedule and confirming appointments

    Maintain a customized database of appointments

    Provide printed out itineraries for participants on-site

    On-site assistance and support during your event

    Post event follow up and correspondence 

Organizing and Mobilization - The most well-intentioned and well-trained advocates can still fall short if you dont have an effective strategy for mobilization. Whether youre launching a comprehensive, long-term campaign or if youre looking for an immediate impact  reaction our team knows how to activate and mobilize your advocates for impact. Our mobilization services include:

    Strategies for identifying and reaching out to your most effective potential advocates

    Action alerts, toolkits, and policy briefs to make the process easy for your advocates

    Personalized phone-calls and emails  to encourage action

    Customized webinars and community presentations to train your army of advocates

Policy Analysis and Translation - A detailed analysis of legislation that to keep your members informed.  One of the biggest challenges in developing an educated and engaged network of advocates is parlaying inside the legislature knowledge to allies in a way that keeps them engaged and informed without overwhelming. ROOTED will make this task easier by creating easy to read policy analysis containing basic information about legislation and policies you are tracking. We will produce materials that can  be sent directly to your members, including newsletter content, action alerts, and social media posts. Materials provided are written for an outside the issue audience and are reflective of your organizations organizing framework.

Advocacy Program Analysis and Recommendations for Existing Networks  - Because our team works with so many groups around the country, weve seen the best (and worst!) of what an advocacy program can offer. Using our 360- review process, we can develop a detailed analysis of your program as it relates to other similarly situated organizations and, more important, prepare an action plan for improvement.

The Advocacy Footprint - An Advocacy Footprint will help advocate leaders understand where they have the most constituent-based powerand where they need a little boost. Our team will map your advocacy network and match the results with key legislative leaders. Need to know if youve got members in a particular Committee chairs district? Or if you have advocates able to connect with legislative leaders?  Our footprint can tell you.