Strategy Development- Our team is made up of well-respected, thought leaders, innovative strategists and trusted authorities who not only conceptualize unique methods for developing strategies and building bridges across issues, sectors, demographics, and communities, but we also offer facilitation and guidance for implementation of such methodologies. Our clients hire us to serve as a trusted thought partner as they work through strategies for engaging new allies and activists. We challenge thinking and trigger modifying or changing paradigms, assumptions or actions towards specific programs and strategies. We provide unique approaches and ways of thinking that provoke innovation and creation during strategy development. We assist our clients with analyzing the context in which they are operating, identifying strategic options and evaluation and selection of the best course of action.

    Authentic Engagement - Whether a current or aspiring community involvement practitioner, building bridges across issues, sectors, demographics, or communities can be difficult. “Showing up” authentically where there is visible lack of alignment, historical barriers and/or contradictions can be an on-going challenge. And, the practical skills one needs to move beyond “outreach” and towards true engagement and genuine relationship building to increase impact are often illusive. We offer a half-day training sessions which is designed to integrated learning with the applied wisdom of trusted authorities who will offer their insights, methodologies, and practices for authentic community engagement.

    Network Coordination - We provide intuitive and intelligent guidance to business and community leaders seeking to build alliances and collaborative partnerships with one another and external stakeholders.  Our facilitation of the Advancing Equity and Opportunity Collaborative (AEO) and the Just Energy Circle (JEC) projects is helping to create the catalyst for real and lasting infrastructure changes that will support groups in the South who are advancing equity and opportunity through work on energy, climate, and environmental justice.  We can teach you how to connect with allies, identify leaders and mobilize/deploy community resources to advance a common agenda.  

    Policy Advocacy -  Elected officials and key decision makers pay attention to the people they represent.  Our team helps our clients identify and organize advocates, connect them with legislators and essential decision makers and build the relationships necessary to advance policy goals to achieve advocacy success.