We work with clients to establish synergy and collaboration across internal teams and create strategies to assist purpose-driven organizations in achieving authentic, meaningful engagement with constituents, partners, and key stakeholders. From rallying grassroots troops around a common goal, to building frameworks that drive deeper engagement, we have worked in the trenches with major players in the energy and environmental industry. Rooted is poised to work with you and your team to conceptualize solutions that lead to long-lasting and transformational systems change.


Is your organization driven by a strong devotion to supporting environmentally responsible policies and initiatives? Do you lack the staff, in expertise or capacity, to create a realistic plan of action for your project that both understands and acknowledges the needs of all affected parties? Wouldn’t it be rewarding to partner with an experienced strategist who gets it and can bring to life a plan for engagement that educates and energizes the entire community?



Rooted Consulting Group is that partner—possessing an equal amount of passion and dedication to creating solutions that equitably distribute the benefits and burdens of the quest for environmental gains. We will work with you to ensure successful outcomes for your major initiatives.